Animal Tracks offers interactive, entertaining and educational animal shows to Pittsburgh and it's neighbors. 

Sheldon and Ziggie are Red footed tortoises.

Hello! My name is Chenoa Scott and I am the proud owner of Animal Tracks. I started Animal Tracks in July of 2012 and I couldn't be happier that I did. Being a stay at home mom is amazing, however I really missed educating others about animals. Every day I enjoy working with the animal ambassadors of Animal Tracks. They are a White's tree frog, ball python, bearded dragon, walking stick bugs, sand boa, red footed tortoise, tiger salamander, and Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

As A Zookeeper
Before I started Animal Tracks I enjoyed working as a professional animal trainer and zookeeper. I got to perform educational programs for 300+ people as well as perform public training sessions with several different animals. 

In College
I have always had a love of animals and that encouraged me to attended the Exotic Animal Training and Management program in Moorpark California. This is where I learned how to perform wildlife education programs and realized my passion for educating others about animals. I had the pleasure of working with several different animals including military macaws, yellow anaconda, spider monkey, pygmy marmoset, cougar, Harris hawk and more. 
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